We partner with You To

Define Your Outcome,
Develop A Plan,
& Deliver results.

Get the Transformation, Strategy, Results & Tools You
Need to Succeed.

business Strategy & consulting

The Brown Developments’ team brings a wealth of expertise in Sales, Account Management, Leadership Development, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, delivering insightful strategies and innovative solutions.  Our tailored consulting services are designed to cultivate a culture of excellence and foster continuous improvement.

Sales Mentorship & Consulting

Our Mission

Our mission is our culture; an environment where we inspire our clients
to achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves.

Business moves fast. There are natural weaknesses within all organizations. The faster they grow the more confusion can occur around actions that need to be taken and who needs to take them. The strategy provides a vision to prevent individuals from losing sight and actionable steps, enabling them to execute the company’s overall objectives. 

We created a tiered consulting solution leveraging the 3Ds of Success: Define – Develop – Deliver. It allows our clients to access what they need in an a la carte fashion or bundled solution to capitalize on the benefits outlined.      

WHAT YOU WILL GAIN from 3Ds of Success
  • Clarity & Direction
  • Purpose & Mission
  • Empowerment & Confidence
  • Goal Setting & Action Plan
  • Elevated Leadership Performance

You & Self Inc

As the workforce continues to experience unprecedented changes, leaders are faced with new challenges to deliver on business objectives, cultivate a diverse talent pipeline, foster a culture of wellness, purpose, inclusion and belonging and nurture team development and execution. Leadership coaching has become an effective tool to help leaders navigate these competing demands.  Through a partnership based on trust and providing psychological safety and confidentiality, Coaches help to expand perspective, inspire unlocked potential, challenge, and provide accountability to stay on course toward achieving personal and leadership growth.

We have a results-driven, holistic Leadership coaching program based on personal experience, ongoing research, tools, and technology that helps Leaders at all levels assess where they are today, identify development goals and guides them through the journey to achieve deeper insights, life balance, and extraordinary career satisfaction.

WHAT YOU WILL GAIN from You & Self, Inc
  • Awareness
  • Choice
  • Focus
  • Manifestation
  • Reflection


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