Sales Mentorship & Consulting

with John H. Brown

Of the 20% of the population that set goals, roughly 70% fail to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

A Harvard Business study in the 2017 October Business Planning Guide from Rising Tide Society: “(the study) revealed remarkable statistics relating to goal setting and success: 

  • 83% of the population do not have goals
  • 14% have a plan in mind, but goals are unwritten
  • 3% have goals written down

The study found that the 14% who have goals are 10 times more successful than those without goals. The 3% with written goals are three times more successful than the 14% with unwritten goals. Writing your goals down sets you up to be exponentially successful.

This is why mentorship & coaching is important. It does not matter who you are, everyone needs someone to encourage them and create “the pull.” The pull is the vision and reward so big that it pulls them through the challenges to their desired result.      


  • Creates Vision & Direction
  • Sets Objectives
  • Clarifies Threats & Opportunities
  • Defines Methods to Leverage Strengths
  • Mitigate Weaknesses

The 3Ds of Success

The Brown Developments Sales Mentorship & Consulting uses the 3Ds of Success. These principles have become the foundation for enriching client engagements.

At any given time, we are partnering with clients to Define where they are and what they want to accomplish, collaborating to Develop the strategy/plan, and guiding them to Deliver results in a timely manner.

Here is the process…

1. Define


We view transformation as a metamorphosis or shift in mindset. Most people are stuck because they need to change the way they think. 

Before you can begin to transform you must know who, what, and where you are in the present moment. Then you can determine where you want to go and what it will take to get there. It’s the beginning stage we call, Define

We help our clients think through this stage so we can create the strategy to move forward.

2. Develop


It has been said, “without a plan, you plan to fail.” We never plan to fail, so we always have a plan/strategy. 

We realize we cannot make our clients do anything they are not willing to do. That is why our strategy process is about collaboration. It’s the Develop stage where we take what we learned in Define, and clearly articulate in a plan/roadmap to be shared with everyone needed to execute it.

3. Deliver


The Deliver stage is about execution. The Brown Developments team is results-oriented. Our plans and actions are focused on achieving the outcome rather than the process. That is why we get our client’s commitment to buy into the plan in the Develop stage. 

We want our clients to enjoy the journey, but in order to deliver results in the shortest period, we make sure everyone is focused on execution. 

Self-Guided Toolkit


For the self-motivated & driven people we’ve developed the Self-Guided Toolkit. It consists of:

  • Onion Based-Selling 
  • 3Ds of Success Growth Plan

The Benefit:

Onion Based-Selling’s PEEL method helps you discover how to make connections faster, create deeper relationships and the steps to win more deals. The principles apply to all areas of life, not just sales.

3Ds of Success Growth Plan is a 21-page action plan that helps you discover your strengths, Define your purpose, and Develop a plan with clearly defined steps for you and your success team to Deliver results in a timely manner.

Mentorship &

Starting at $999

For those who desire a hands-on approach, we provide up to 4 personalized guided sessions per segment: Define, Develop, Deliver. You also receive the following tools: 

  • Onion Based-Selling 
  • 3Ds of Success Growth Plan

The Benefit:

  • Companies with dynamic sales coaching programs achieve 28% higher win rates
  • Companies that provide quality coaching can reach 7% greater annual revenue growth

We’ll help you navigate through the blind spots and put you in the best position for success. To accommodate our clients, we offer an ala-carte or bundled solution.  

How it Works

Phase 1

Initial Consultation – 30 Minutes

Sales Mentorship & Consulting services are delivered in phases. The goal is to help you where you are in life/business. Since everyone is having a different experience you get to decide what is best for you after the initial consultation. The next step is yours. Book your initial meeting. NOW, is always the best time to get started on your sales journey.



Phase 2

3Ds of Success

We created a tiered consulting solution leveraging the 3Ds of Success: Define – Develop – Deliver. It allows our clients to access what they need in an a la carte fashion or bundled solution to capitalize on the benefits outlined.   



Define is the process of discovery. It’s identifying:

  • Where you are
  • What you want
  • When you want it

There are several layers to each of these questions. The more layers we peel back, the deeper our understanding, and sets the stage for the next two phases. The depth of the questions are based on the situation, challenge, and anticipated outcome.



Develop is using what we learned in the Define phase and collaborating to create the strategy/plan on how to get you from:

  • Where you are
  • To what you want
  • The timeframe to get you there

Once we create the plan, we must agree and get buy-in before we can move forward to the final phase. 



Deliver is all about assembling the resources and team to execute the plan you’ve developed. The right team will help you go from:

  • Where you are
  • To What you want
  • in the time you need it done

The process of delivering includes making the needed adjustments along the way but remaining focused on the goal.  

3Ds of Success Bundle

All 3 phases in one bundle in one payment, at the best value and savings. The 3Ds of Success bundle is for those go-getters that are prepared to dive in and get started. Because we value your commitment, we provide you a discount when purchasing the bundle vs. the individual packages. 

individually priced at $2,999.97

Get the Bundle for