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About John H. Brown

John is a highly skilled sales professional. For more than 20 years, he’s used his consultative sales skills to help people and companies increase efficiency and revenue. 

John offers his services in a mentorship & consulting capacity to sales professionals and organizations looking to elevate sales performance, boost win rates and reach new levels of success. He uses his experiences and tools he’s created: 3Ds of Success, Onion Based-Selling, published in February 2021, and Onion Based-Relationships, coming soon.

In 2020 he created 3Ds of Success; which is Define, Develop, and Deliver. These principles have become the foundation for enriching client engagements. At any given time, he is partnering with clients to Define where they are and what they want to accomplish, collaborating to Develop the strategy/plan, and guiding them to Deliver the results needed in a timely manner.

WHAT YOU WILL GAIN with 3Ds of Success
  • Clarity & Direction
  • Purpose & Mission
  • Empowerment & Confidence
  • Goal Setting & Action Plan
  • Elevated Leadership Performance
Jacqueline d. brown
Jacqueline D Brown

About Jacqueline D. Brown

Jacqueline D. Brown is a highly respected senior leader in corporate technology with over 20 years of diverse business experience. She is also an entrepreneur, certified coach, mentor and public speaker.

Professionally, she is most passionate about increasing leadership representation for women of color and other underrepresented talent. Her innate leadership style has been instrumental in leading and coaching both large and small teams. While her ability to foster collaborative partnerships combined with a focus on a growth mindset, has enabled her to design career and leadership programs and learning strategies to meet the changing business demands and experiences that elevate high potential talent.

Jacqueline holds a Masters in HR and Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco, a California real estate broker’s license, and a Coaching Certification in Leadership. She sits on the board of the USF Black Alumni and is a founding member of multiple employee resources groups, advocating for promoting the underrepresented. 

Personally, Jacqueline is passionate about connection.  She thrives on forging strong relationships through sharing life stories, mentoring, and coaching professionals in various stages of career and life.  Additionally, and most importantly she believes in continuous self-discovery and the power found in connecting the inner you with outer self to eliminate what she calls “wavering” confidence.*

The impact of helping as many professionals as possible grow, elevate and realize their true potential and aspirations is her magnificent WHY!