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About John H. Brown

John H. Brown is multifaceted. He’s a strategic thinker with the gift of vision. He sees things at a macro level yet can create plans and assemble teams to execute them on a micro level. For the past 25 years, he’s used these skills to help individuals and global companies increase efficiency and revenue. John has received multiple sales and achievement awards throughout his career. He is a firm believer in sharing knowledge for others to benefit. He does so through writing books and developing business models. 

  • 2020: Created 3Ds of Success: Define + Develop + Deliver.
  • 2021: Published Book: Onion Based-Selling
  • 2022: Created a 23-page tool- 3Ds of Success Growth Plan
  • 2023: Trademarked 3Ds of Success
  • 2023: Published Book: Onion Based-Relationships
  • 2023: Created a Performance Based DEI Model
  • 2024: Created the Center of Influence – Customer Engagement Model

John is passionate about people and what it takes to build, expand, and retain relationships in all areas of his life. If it’s doing nonprofit work, enjoying time with family, friends, or associates, you will often find John listening to ideas and providing insights. He loves working with those ready to bring their vision to reality. At any given time, he is leveraging the 3Ds of Success, partnering with clients to Define where they are and what they want to accomplish, collaborating to Develop the strategy/plan, and guiding them to Deliver the results needed in a timely manner.

Jacqueline d. brown, Co-Founder & COO
Jacqueline D Brown

About Jacqueline D. Brown

Jacqueline D. Brown is a well-respected executive leader, consultant, and certified leadership coach with diverse experience spanning across the realms of technology and healthcare. Her journey is guided by a singular purpose: to nurture executive leaders who foster inclusive and thriving workplace cultures.

Passion and Purpose

At the heart of my work lies a profound commitment to equity, advancement, and diversity in leadership roles. I believe in the power of DIVE – Difference – Invited –  Valued –  Embraced – for fostering inclusive environments. This philosophy is the driving force behind my advocacy and the key to cultivating inclusive excellence in any organization.

Educational Background and Expertise

With a Master of Science in Human Resources and Organizational Development, I’ve honed my skills as a thought leader. My expertise lies in developing impactful DEI strategies and executive leadership programs tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by top-tier professionals.

Speaking and Consulting Experience

As a voice of experience in leadership and DEI, I’ve had the privilege of speaking at various prestigious events. Some highlights include:

  • Keynote speaker at the Pleasanton Community of Character’s 24th Annual MLK Day Fellowship Breakfast
  • Panelist and moderator at the National Association of Black Accountants diversity panel
  • Active participant in International Women’s Month and the LinkedIn Women of Color in Leadership panel
  • Guest speaker at the Lesbians Who Tech Annual Conference

Written Contributions

My passion for leadership and empowerment extends to my writing as well. Through my “Be the CEO of You Empowerment Articles,” I aim to inspire individuals to lead with confidence and purpose.

How I Can Help Your Organization

Looking to elevate your organization’s approach to DEI and executive leadership? I bring a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective essential for any organization eager to progress in these crucial areas. Let’s work together to create an environment where every voice is heard, valued, and empowered.