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Be the CEO of YOU!

with Jacqueline D. Brown

Becoming the CEO of YOU is like becoming the CEO of a company.  It takes vision, drive, acumen, leadership, and self-mastery that includes awareness, focus, confidence, manifestation, and reflection.    At You & Self Inc, we strive to help you understand the power of purpose, the gift of clarity, and the empowerment found in grounded confidence. You become the CEO of YOU by realizing that you are the asset, the brand, and key success factor to unleashed potential and all that You want to accomplish.

Who We Serve

Our clients are growth-focused career professionals, business leaders, and entrepreneurs that seek to build confidence, inspire, and be inspired, have clarity of vision, lead with purpose and emotional intelligence, and deliver results. 

They look to gain career insight, sharpen skills, identify specific personal, and professional goals, plan, execute and be accountable to maximize performance, level up, and become the highest version of themselves.


  • Clarity & Direction
  • Purpose/Mission
  • Empowerment/Confidence
  • Goal Setting & Action Plan
  • Elevated Leadership performance

What is You & Self, Inc?

You & Self Inc is a career and leadership coaching program focused on helping professionals realize their highest aspirations.  Our goal is for You (inner) and Self (outer) to be Incorporated and operating as one with the full power to transform, reform and perform. 

Through our client/coach partnership, we explore the art of self-discovery and self-mastery, uncover vision and purpose, adventure through a journey to identify goals and create an executable plan that is connected to cultivating Relentless, Excellence and Drive

Our Career Coaching Services

Advance to a higher level!

Are you operating at your full 100% potential?  Do you have much more to give and much more you want to accomplish?  Are you leaving untapped aspirations on the table? Have you settled into mediocrity?  Do you feel stuck and unsure of your next move in life, career, or leadership?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Career Coaching is for you.

No matter what stage of your career you’re in, looking to grow in your existing position, advance to a higher level, transition to something new or retire, our coaches will help you take ownership of your professional career planning and realize what’s possible.

What You Get With Career Coaching.

Successful and fulfilling careers are the result of ambition, vision, planning, and lots of determination.

Our certified Career coaches help you with your current job, establish your professional goals, and support you in identifying and making career changes. We support you through your decision-making process and give you the time and space to process and talk through emotions.  Our coaches also provide the accountability that propels you to achieve your highest aspirations.

Key outcomes include:

  • Embracing individual strengths, passions & interests
  • Defining career vision, purpose, and goals
  • Understanding core values and alignment with organizational culture
  • Identifying career development opportunities
  • Formulating a career path

Leadership Coaching Services

become a leader others follow

As the workforce continues to experience unprecedented changes, leaders are faced with new challenges to deliver on business objectives, cultivate a diverse talent pipeline, foster a culture of wellness, purpose, inclusion and belonging and nurture team development and execution. Leadership coaching has become an effective tool to help leaders navigate these competing demands.  Through a partnership based on trust and providing psychological safety and confidentiality, Coaches help to expand perspective, inspire unlocked potential, challenge, and provide accountability to stay on course toward achieving personal and leadership growth.

What you get with Leadership Coaching.

Successful Leaders exhibit courage, passion, confidence, commitment, and ambition, while leading by example, purpose, and a level of emotional intelligence.

Our certified Leadership Coaches take you through an intentional process that results in a deeper, more sustainable level of development. We guide you through a transformation that uncovers hidden strengths and explores opportunities for improvement to increase your leadership competencies and performance. Through our trusted relationship, we encourage you to open your thought patterns and consider other points of view and foster a psychological safe space for you to talk through real-time challenges that impact your effectiveness and growth as a leader.  Our coaches also help you realize success through an accountability partnership targeted toward achieving your desired results. 

Key outcomes include:

  • Exploring the definition and nature of leadership 
  • Identifying leadership strengths and development opportunities
  • Defining leader vision, purpose, and emotional intelligence
  • Clarifying goals and advancement aspirations
  • Designing a strategic plan
How it Works


FREE Initial Consultation

Book a FREE initial consultation where we will discover and assess the best plan and direction to achieve your career or leadership goals.


After the initial consultation, we will select the appropriate
coaching option that best suits your desired outcome.

Career Coaching Package


  • Six  45- minute coaching sessions (bi-weekly or monthly)
  • Self-assessments with evaluation
  • Self- Discovery (Vision, Purpose, Core Values) 
  • Goal Setting, Development, Advancement
  • Career Path  
  • Accountability 
  • Tools and Resources

Leadership Coaching Package


  • Six  45- minute coaching sessions (bi-weekly or monthly)
  • Leadership/Skills assessments and evaluation 
  • Self- Discovery (Vision, Purpose, Values, EQ) 
  • Self-Mastery Techniques
  • Strategic Development Plan 
  • Accountability 
  • Tools & Resources

If you have completed an initial consultation, click here to select a coaching package.