Customer Engagement Model

The (COI) Center of Influence – Customer Engagement Model is a collaboration between business units that have the most influence on the customer relationship. Its purpose is to elevate the customer experience through high-quality engagement, reduced, and structured interactions.

“According to a PwC survey, 55% of organizations work in silos—they’re a common issue in companies, especially larger ones. The disadvantages are vast and costly.”

The COI framework reduces these silos and gets key business units working together to delight the customer.  The more focused your team is on delivering what they perceive as value and high-quality interactions, the more layers you’ll peel back that lead to trust, value, and teamwork.

The COI model compliments the account management playbook, Onion Based-Relationships. If you want to improve your retention percentages, upsell, and cross sell more products/services GET your copy TODAY.

What We Do: Phase 1: The Brown Developments’ team works with your company to establish the COI model for you to engage your customers.

Phase 2: We partner with the Executive Sponsor and Account Management Team/s via a consulting engagement to ensure the COI remains aligned and then help the AMT drive revenue and growth via your customer base using the steps outlined in the book, Onion Based-Relationships.