Equity & Inclusion


Cultivate – Inclusive – Excellence

At Brown Developments, our consultants employ a holistic approach to cultivate inclusive excellence, combining the strategic framework of the 3Ds of Success – Define, Develop, and Deliver – with the guiding principles of DIVE (Difference, Invited, Valued, and Embraced) the accountability measures of Performance-Based DEI to:

  • Define inclusivity initiatives’ objectives and desired outcomes, ensuring alignment with our client’s unique organizational culture and goals. 
  • Develop tailored strategies and programs that address specific areas of improvement, from reshaping policies to fostering leadership competencies. 
  • Deliver by actively infusing the DIVE principles into the organization’s DNA. 
  • Incorporate Performance-Based DEI, to establish top-down and bottom-up accountability measures to track impact and progress. 

This trifecta framework ensures that inclusivity becomes a measurable and progressive reality within our client organizations, fostering a sustainable culture that is inclusive and equitable.