Sales & Account Management

Sales is all about relationships. Successful salespeople invest time in understanding people, their roles, and the challenges they may face. Their ability to listen, acknowledge what they hear, understand how their product/service can be utilized to help their customer achieve success, and be measured to ensure value is being delivered will help them peel back the layers needed to win more deals. The Onion Based series by John H. Brown provides the keys to winning new business, expanding, and retaining it.

Onion Based-Selling introduces the PEEL method. The concept of People, Energy, Emotion, and Leading provides a new perspective to sales. The method enables you to make connections faster, create deeper relationships, and the steps to win more deals.

The book has a Net-New Logo Hunter focus. It walks you through the initial phase of meeting a prospect, building rapport, earning trust, and winning their business.


Onion Based-Relationships is the Account Management Playbook. It walks through the process when Net-New customers are transitioned from the Initial Sales team to the Account Management team. It breaks down how to continue building upon those relationships, what needs to be done to expand, and retain them.